When all else fails do your makeup!

Lately,  things have been chaotic. Today I went in for my pre-op paperwork and when I reached out for help from my family it was denied to me. Its OK really, you know why? This builds me stronger. I am in a state where they can’t come to easily they have to get on two planes to reach me. While I did cry because the surgery I am undergoing is a major one 5 hours under the knife, I will need a lot of assistance at home and I have no one. My children will be in school and my son in his military base can’t take leave. My husband wants me out before the surgery therefore I’ll have to rely on the few good friends I have to come and help me get in and out of the bed when I need to. And hope they can help me cook for the kids and just be a great support system for me which I have no doubt they will step up to the plate for me. As I’d do for them.

After a good long cry I touched up my makeup a bit more and went to work. Its amazing what a great lipstick and some glitter on your eyes can do to your self esteem and your vibe. My entire day turned from a negative to a positive. Never doubt that you are a warrior in the inside and no matter the challenges this life throws at you, YOU CAN and YOU WILL overcome them all!


Below is a photo of my makeup look today and a list of the products used:


Eyebrows: Anastasia Eye Pencil in Caramel

Eye shadow: Urban Decay Naked Palette (original) Smug on the outer corner and baked on the lid mixed with Urban Decay Space Cowboy

Foundation: Kat Von D in Light 48, set with Kat Von D pressed powder in Light 44.

Contour: Kat Von D Shade & Light

Blush: Elf blush palette

Highlight: Champagne Pop by Jaclyn Hill with Becca Cosmetics

Lips: Too Faced Cosmetics Melted in Nude

A New Journey

To say that this year has been one thus far of trials and tribulations is an understatement.

Where do I start? I had to leave my job a job I so adored and loved to go to daily because I couldn’t keep working 7 days a week. Therefore I had to say good-bye to the one job I loved with my whole heart, Sephora. I kept my one full time job where I still am today and even though I do love it, it certainly is no where close to what I had with Sephora.

A few months ago my husband and I decided to go ahead and separate even though we currently still reside in the same home with our children, this has not been easy. While I do work a full time job I am looking almost on a full time basis for a home/apartment for the children and I. The stress of all this has landed me in the hospital. I currently underwent a blood transfusion due to anemia and not nourishing my body correctly after my gastric bypass. Now, not only do I have to start IV treatments with Iron in them but also go a sudden hysterectomy in less than a month. See, I told you. To say this year has been trying is an understatement. But in the mist of all this chaos I still find a reason to smile, my 3 amazing sons. My oldest who’s joined the U.S. Army brings me joy every single day knowing he’s so selfless serving our country. My middle son who is being scouted by USC already and he’s only a JR in high school. My youngest who’s Momma’s boy for sure and I wouldn’t have it any other way! They’re all I focus on and all I have in this life beside the love of my family and friends.

So now onto other news…hello NikkieTutorials came out with a eyeshadow palette that launches on 8/15 @ Sephora and on Too Faced Cosmetics websites, guess who’s getting that the day it launches? This girl right here! And hey that’s not the only treat I get on 8/15, kids go back to school! YIPPIE. Oh come on mom’s you all know you are eager for them babies to go back to school. Even tho I do work a full time job and I let them go to camp I spend my weekends with them and trust me they can drive one crazy with the yelling and the fighting. One would think a 15 year old wouldn’t fight with an 8 year old, no you’re wrong they fight like cats and dogs.

I’ll end this post by letting y’all know to come back and check in often as I will be updating as much as possible, and sharing photos of this chaos I am currently going through. But with a smile at all times!




Review to: Too Faced Natural Eyes Palette

I’m all about a smokey eye look. I think its great for everyday wear, and at night you can just hint up the color a bit more and bam your look is transformed to a deeper smokey eye look. When the Natural Eyes palette was introduced by Too Faced I will be honest I wasn’t too impressed. I thought eh, very neutral colors kinda blah….I’ll wait .I started to see reviews on youtube and reading reviews on blogs about how fantastic this palette was yet I didn’t buy it because I felt it would improve with time- now how long it would be before they’d relaunch it? I had no idea I just knew I wanted to wait. I am glad I did! When I saw that Sephora brought in the new improved Natural Eyes with three new shades I was sold. I had read enough, saw enough and looked at it enough at the stores to know I now wanted to own this little jewel. It didn’t matter the cost I needed to have this palette once and for all. I borough it home sat down and looked at all the pretty colors and knew right then and there that this would be a palette I will forever cherish.


The possibilities with this palette are endless. The colors are rich and very pigmented.  The color heaven is perfect for highlighting. The color silk teddy is great for an all over color on your lid and above, and nudie well the perfect color I would say to build up the crease line or an all over lid color. My favorite lid color for this palette would be the honey pot! Wowzers amazing color and the pigmentation is absolutely amazing. I have been using this palette all week and have gotten numerous compliments on my eye makeup. You can tell by the photos I just finished using certain colors. 🙂 If you are just starting out in the makeup world and need some nice neutral colors with great pigmentation I would tell you to invest in this palette. The packaging is great for traveling. The palette comes with step by step instructions on how to apply the eyeshadow for a day look or a night look. Its a win win in my book and Too Faced gets TWO thumbs up for this palette. 


Stay Fabulous XOXOXOXOXO

Makeup Addict


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First Blog Entry

Hello world 🙂  Welcome to Makeup Addcit! Here is a little info about myself. I am a mom of 3, a wife to a very recently retired man who proudly served the United States Air Force for 20 years. I am a makeup artist  who works for Sephora and absolutely loves her job. I love going into work every single day knowing I can change someones life for the better! I mean come on where else are you gonna be able to do that? Well, a hospital but who wants to go to a hospital? 🙂 Just saying. 

I am starting this blog because I want to empower you to try new bold makeup looks, but most of all I want to empower you as a woman. I want you to take chances, get out of that daily shell of your “safe makeup” and be brave by trying out new looks. That is my mission. I will be posting blog entries on everything from high end makeup to affordable makeup. I will try to post tutorials on “how to’s” along the way. I hope you all follow me on this journey. 



Makeup Addict